Living Large With A Small Bathroom

Everyone wants a spacious bathroom. Sometimes actual space isn't possible, perhaps because you live in a historical house with old-fashioned bathrooms or because you live in a condo. Whatever the reason, you need to expand the spacious feel of your bathroom within a limited amount of square footage. Plan a remodel job that lets you live large in your small bathroom.

Customized Storage

You need plenty of storage no matter the size of your bathroom. In larger spaces you can utilize pre-fabricated units for storage. In a small bathroom you need to customize for size. For example, if you have tall ceilings, have a narrow unit built from floor to ceiling. Likewise, add shelving just above head height. What's more, make sure you have built-in cubbies in the shower stall so you don't clutter it up with store-bought shelves.

Glass Shower Door

Speaking of the shower, consider getting rid of a tub and shower combination if you don't really soak in the bath. The tub cuts the visual space in your bathroom. Instead, plan on a walk-in shower with a glass door, which also keeps the space looking open and airy. What's more, glass also reflects light back into the space. Plan on having the walk-in shower laid with light, glittery tiles that also reflect light. Glass tiles are ideal for this, but you can also choose ceramic tiles with a high gloss finish. The light color further promotes the open feel of your shower area.

Mirror Placement

In that same vein, be deliberate in your mirror placement. The goal is to reflect any light back into the bathroom. If you have a window, place the mirror so it reflects both the light and space from the window. Another good rule of thumb is to place a mirror so that it's reflecting the longest part of the bathroom. So, if your bathroom is rectangular, you place a mirror on one of the short walls. When it comes to choosing the mirror itself, look for designs without weighty frames because they take up visual space. Frameless or metal-framed mirrors are ideal.

Floating Vanity

According to Home and Garden TV, another method for increasing visual space is with a floating vanity. It's the same rationale for ditching the tub – having a weighty structure go all the way to the floor draws the eye downward and cuts off visual space. However, you do end up sacrificing storage space with a floating vanity. One solution is to choose light baskets to slide under the vanity for bathroom items.

Increase the light, airy ambience in your small bathroom so it feels larger than it is.