Transforming Your Property With Windows

One beautiful way to add value and comfort to your home is to add windows. Windows help bring in the sunshine and let the outside and the inside come together. Here are some ways to use new windows to make your house the home of your dreams. 

Bay Window

A bay window is a wonderful touch that adds a unique detail to the outside of your home. On the inside, a bay window can add seating, light for plants or create a space for storage. You can also use it to showcase something special like a musical instrument or piece of art. 

Bay windows look great in an eat-in kitchen or breakfast nook and give your family a place to spend time together. Build benches around the window for seating and place the table inside. 

Enclosed Porch

Make your front or back porch useful in all weather by closing it in with five star windows all around. This will create an extra room in your home where people can gather at any time of year. You could also use it as a lovely dining area or a play space for where you know children will be safe. 

You will find that your enclosed porch is an excellent space for entertaining or for simply sitting on your own and watching the world go by. 


Gardeners don't have to wait for spring when they have a greenhouse available. Add windows to a storage shed or other outdoor structure to create a space where you can grow plants all year long. You will find that spending time in a warm, sunny space when the weather outside is cold will help lift your mood during those long winter months. 

NBC News reports that you can effectively fight seasonal depression by exposing yourself to more light during the winter. 

Picture Window

Do you have a wall in your home with a tiny window that could be opened up to an incredible view of your backyard garden, an urban scene or other attractive space? Consider opening up that small window or combining two smaller windows into one large picture window. A big window can be an incredible focal point in a room instead of the mundane look of a television. A large window is also the perfect compliment to fire place and will invite romance into your home on a moonlit night. 

A picture window doesn't have to be in your living space. It can also be a gorgeous decorative element in a master bedroom. 

Stained Glass Windows

Even if you don't have the money or space to include large windows in your home, you can make small changes with windows that make a big statement. 

Consider updating a small window or the glass in a door with one or more panels of stained glass. Stained glass can be abstract and colorful, or it can be a realistic picture of something. You can include your initials or almost anything you want in a piece of custom made stained glass. 

A stained glass window can also be pretty when installed inside a home. The space between the kitchen and a living area looks nice with stained glass, and a stained glass shower window can be lovely as well. 

Windows can completely transform a home and give you a feeling of comfort and elegance. Take a look at your home to see where you could add a decorative window, enclose an outdoor space or include a greenhouse in your yard. All of these additions will make your property more financially valuable and more importantly inspire you to love your home even more.