Vandalized Auto Glass: 4 Tips For Getting Through The First Couple Of Hours

The easiest way for a theft to gain access to a locked car is by smashing the window. When you go to your vehicle and see the damage, it can be very shocking and upsetting to see the shattered glass and broken windows. When damage like this has occurred, it's important to get auto glass replacement done as soon as possible. By using the following four tips, you can ensure that the replacement goes smoothly and everything is properly reported to both law enforcement and insurance companies. Completing these tips within the first few hours of the incident will help things remain calm and have the best results.

Initial Steps

It may be a shock to see that a car window has been smashed in. Before panicking, it's important to assess the situation and not touch anything on your vehicle. The first thing you should is contact law enforcement. Police officers should make a detailed report of the situation, including when the break-in occurred, what was taken from the car, and how the damage occurred to the windshield. This can help you with insurance claims in the future and create a record of the break-in.

Another one of your initial steps should be capturing pictures for evidence. Take multiple pictures of the smashed glass to capture various angles and the damage that has been done. These pictures can help with both your insurance claims and the police reports that are filed.

Fallen Glass

Once you finally have full access to your car, the first step in cleaning up should be removing any fallen glass. On the interior of your car there may be a lot of small particles and shards of glass. It's best to wear a pair of rubber gloves and manually pick up the larger pieces. Pieces of glass could damage smaller vacuums, so you should use a large wet/dry vacuum to handle the rest of the job. Remove floor mats and carefully shake them over a large garbage bin to help eliminate any shards. It's also important to sweep up the area outside where the window was broken. This can help prevent your tires from running over glass or having an auto glass professional accidentally step on it.

Window Glass

Often, when automobile glass is smashed, sections of the shattered glass remains in the window. If possible, you should not touch this glass and leave it to the professionals. Auto glass technicians have the tools and experience to properly remove these pieces of glass without creating a big mess. Once you have contacted law enforcement and filed a report, your next call should be to an auto glass technician. Many auto glass shops have recycling programs that can properly dispose of the glass and ensure it gets reformed into something new. If there is bad weather or something else that could damage the inside of your car, then you should cover up the window with a tarp or garbage bag until the repair technicians arrive.

On-Site Repairs

If possible, you should not operate your vehicle once the window has been smashed. Auto glass technicians have the ability to perform on-site repairs. By arriving at your home, they can assess the damage, get the proper sized glass and complete the replacement right at your home. If you choose to drive with the broken window, you could deal with random shards of glass that fly into the air or weather issues that possible damage the interior of your vehicle. Many auto glass companies have emergency appointments that can help with the repairs and damage as soon as possible. Once the repairs are complete, you can file the claim and submit your bill to your insurance company.

When contacting auto glass repair, it's important to be ready with all of your vehicle information. This can help the technicians prepare the proper supplies and parts needed to complete the repair. For more information about auto glass replacement in your area, contact local auto shops or glass companies.