Commonly Asked Questions Homeowners Have About Residential Glass

There are many different tasks that will need to be done to keep your home in good condition. Replacing the glass in your windows can be among the more expensive upgrades that the property may require. If you are wanting to make sure that your investment in residential glass is as productive as possible, you will need to be armed with basic information when it concerns residential glass.

Is There An Easy Way To Test A Window For Drafts?

Drafts around the windows can be a major source of discomfort for those inside the house. Sadly, it can be extremely difficult to find the source of these drafts. As the glass ages, it can slightly change shape, which can lead to small gaps to form between the pane of glass and the frame. Luckily, there is a fairly simple way that you can test for drafts. By lighting a candle and placing it on the windowsill, you will be able to determine which windows have drafts by the movements of the flame. By repeating this for each window, you may be able to more easily determine which panes of glass are needing to be replaced.

What Makes A Window Pane Energy Efficient?

If you assume that all panes of glass are equal, you would be incorrect as there are some styles of glass that will be far more energy efficient than others. These enhancements are achieved by coating the glass with a substance that can reflect much of the heat from the sun without blocking the light. Also, you can opt for dual-pane windows that use an insulating gas to minimize heat loss or gain. While dual-pane glass can be among the most efficient options for replacing your windows, it may not be viable for every type of frame as these windows will need much more space than a window made of a single pane of glass.

Will Window Shutters Be Difficult For You To Close And Open?

Protecting your new glass with window shutters can be a wise addition to make. These shutters can be closed when strong storms are in the area, and this can greatly reduce the number of windows that you lose to flying debris. If you are concerned about closing and opening these shutters, there are automatic shutter systems that can be controlled with a remote control or central control panel. In addition to being easier to operate, these shutters can also be opened and closed much more quickly as the system will activate all of the motors at the same time.

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