Finding A Broken Window- Should You Repair Or Replace?

If you have young children or pets in your home, there is always the potential that these rambunctious creatures could damage your property. Broken windows are not uncommon in households with kids or pets. Determining how to go about eliminating a broken window from your home can be stressful.

Here are three tips that you can use to determine if you should attempt to repair the broken window, or replace it altogether.

1. Determine the age of the window.

When you are trying to determine if you should invest in a new window or simply repair the one that was broken, it can be beneficial to determine the age of the window in question. Older windows tend to be less energy efficient than newer models, which means the window could be serving as a source of energy loss for your home if it has some age to it.

You should opt to replace an older window that has sustained damage to increase the energy efficiency of your home, while repairing a newer window might be the better option.

2. Look at the condition of the window's frame.

Before you determine whether or not you should repair the broken glass in a damaged window or replace the window altogether, it can be useful to carefully examine the condition of the window's frame. If the window is framed in wood, look for signs of rot or water damage.

Windows that are framed in vinyl should be checked for warping or discoloration. If you see that the frame of the window is damaged, then replacing the entire window is advised. If the frame is still intact, then repairing the broken glass is your best bet.

3. Check the cost of replacement windows.

If your home has specialty windows that are a unique size and shape or the windows in your home are authentic to the period in which the home was constructed, it may be extremely difficult to locate a replacement window.

The cost of replacing a specialty window can be greater than the costs associated with repairing the damage, so you should take this into consideration when determining whether to repair or replace a broken window.

By taking the time to carefully assess the age of the broken window, the condition of the broken window's frame, and the uniqueness of the broken window, you will be able to easily determine if repairing or replacing the window is the better option. Talk to a contractor, like Aladdin's Glass & Screen Products Inc, for more help.