Three Questions To Ask Yourself When Installing A Glass Shower Enclosure

Glass shower enclosures are all the rage nowadays because they make the bathroom appear more open and allow you to show off the fancy tile work in the shower, as well as allowing in natural light from the windows behind the shower itself. However, before you install any glass shower enclosure, you want to ask yourself these three questions:

What Factors Should You Pay Attention To?

When choosing the glass shower door of your choice, you want to consider what factors are going to make it look as if they shower door really belongs in that space. If you are adding the glass shower door to your existing shower and not changing the tile work inside, for example, then you may want to consider a fogged shower glass door. This way, you are hiding the old tile. However, the best option is to replace the tile and choose a clear shower glass door that can make the room appear even more open. 

Should You DIY the Installation?

Many glass shower enclosures can be installed on your own. However, the use of professionals for installation may be the best option if you are considering a lot of customization for the enclosure, such as size and unique opening capabilities. Typically, sliding glass shower doors are easy to install because you simply install the slider and the glass in between the sliders. However, if you want a shower door that swings open, it may be a bit more complicated and challenging because it is glass and you don't want to break it with the process of a more complicated installation process. 

Should the Enclosure be Framed or Frameless?

Frameless tends to be the more popular option since it opens up the space. However, you will want to consider a framed enclosure if you want thicker, heavier glass since the frame will hold it in place and prevent many problems from occurring. You may also consider a framed glass enclosure for the shower if you want a more customized look and don't have intricate tile work in the shower. This gives you more options for customization without the need to install new tile. 

When you ask yourself these three questions, you can be sure that when choosing a glass shower enclosure for your bathroom, you choose the style and installation process that is going to work best for you. In the end, you will have a whole new appearance for your bathroom that meets the trends of today's home. For more information, contact companies like A-Plus Glass Services.