Things To Know About Your Residential Windows

Glass windows are a common feature for any home, but they are a part of the house that will be frequently overlooked and neglected when it comes time for the homeowner to learn about caring for their property. Unfortunately, inadequate care for your windows can be a rather damaging mistake due to a variety of reasons and causes, but this can be easier to mistake to make due to a lack of awareness about the basic of residential windows.   

Can Shallow Scratches And Scuff Marks Be Removed From Glass?

Scratches on the exterior of your windows can be an unavoidable problem due to strong storms or lawn mowers that could send debris flying through the air. When you find that one of your windows has become scratched, repairs should be made as quickly as is possible. These scratches will greatly reduce your ability to clearly see outside, and they can significantly weaken the glass. Repairs to glass panels with this damage will be fairly simple as you will only need to apply glass repair resin to the damaged area. This substance will dry almost completely clear, and it will act to reinforce the glass.

What Should You Expect From Installing Insulated Glass?

If you are wanting to update your old windows or need to replace damaged ones, you will likely find that insulated glass is the ideal choice for your windows as it will improve the overall heating and cooling efficiency of your home. While it may seem as though it would be impossible to insulate glass windows, this is done through filling the space between the two panes of glass with a special gas that is extremely resistant to temperature changes. These windows will not require any additional care when compared to traditional windows and the energy savings that they provide will likely more than pay for their cost.

Does A Window Replacement Involve Changing The Frame?

When replacing windows, it is often assumed that the entire frame will always need to be replaced. Depending on your circumstances, this may be necessary, but it is not always a requirement. For example, if you are simply wanting to replace the glass panes in your window and the frame is in good condition, it may be possible to complete this repair by removing the old glass and installing the new panels. When the frame has suffered significant structural damage or you are wanting to change the size of the window, replacing the frame will be unavoidable.

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