Tips For Adding Glass Racks To Your Work Vehicles

If you are a glass repair and installation contractor, you may find that transporting the large panes of glass to your work sites can be a fairly cumbersome and risky task as the glass can be easily broken. Installing glass racks on your company vehicles may help to address these challenges, and there are some simple tips to help guide you through making this upgrade to your vehicles.

Consider The Strength Of The Glass Rack

It is important to have an approximate idea of the weight of the panes of glass that you will be transporting. If you attempt to transport panes of glass that are much heavier than the load limits for your glass racks, it could be possible for them to fall and suffer damage. By knowing the weight of the pieces of glass that you will be moving, it will be much easier to compare various glass rack options.

Leave The Installation Of The Glass Rack To Professionals

It may seem like installing glass racks on your vehicles will require little more than simply bolting the racks onto the side of the vehicle. However, individuals that are not trained and experienced with performing this upgrade may not realize the importance of proper placement of the racks. If you install these racks in the wrong locations, they may not be able to hold the weight of your glass panes or they may have adverse effects on your vehicle's aerodynamics.

Appreciate The Need To Regularly Inspect The Glass Rack

It can be easy for individuals to go years without thinking about their glass racks. However, the weight of the glass panes and the vibrations caused by driving can cause these racks to gradually loosen. You will want to periodically test these racks to ensure that they are stable and secure. Furthermore, you will also want to check metal glass racks for signs of corrosion as this could also compromise the ability of the rack to support the panes of glass.

Alert Your Commercial Auto Insurance Carrier About This Change

After you have installed the glass racks, you will want to notify your commercial auto insurance provider so that you can inform them about these upgrades. The addition of glass racks can change the liabilities and risks of driving the vehicle, which will require your policy to be updated. Failing to provide the insurance with this type of notification can result in future claims involving the glass racks being denied.

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