What Your Windows Need To Protect Your Home From The Elements

If you're in the process of choosing new windows, there's plenty to consider. The style, shape, and price of your windows are all important considerations. However, you should also make sure that the windows you choose are ideal for protecting your home from the elements. Doing so can protect your home in a variety of ways. Your paint, photos, and even upholstery will be less likely to experience sun damage, mold, and discoloration due to pollution in the outdoor air. Read on to learn what options you have to make your home safer from the damage the elements can cause.

Double-Paned Windows

Double-paned windows are one of the best ways you can protect your home from excessive heat and cold. As the name implies, double-paned windows have two panes of glass instead of just one. Between those two panes is a space that acts as insulation. In some cases, this space contains a gas that provides further insulation. However, in either case, this type of window does an excellent job of protecting your home from shifting temperatures that not only waste energy in heating and cooling your house, but it can also protect your home from temperature-related damage to furniture, tapestries, and even paint.

UV-Filtering Glass

Another good choice to make is to choose UV-filtering glass for your windows.

UV radiation is responsible for damaging skin and eyesight, which makes it dangerous to be around windows even when you're indoors. As far as your home is concerned, UV radiation is what's responsible for causing fading in clothes, tapestries, photos, and other wall hangings. By reducing the amount of UV radiation that makes it into your home, you'll be able to protect these objects and prolong the amount of time that they look as vivid as they did the day you bought them.

Dynamic Glass

Lastly, dynamic glass is one of the best ways you can protect your home from the elements. Dynamic glass can be compared to transition lenses for glasses. At the touch of a button, or automatically based on a light sensor, dynamic glass changes colors to let in more or less light throughout the day. This can help to reduce the amount of UV radiation that gets indoors, as well as the visible light spectrum, which UV filtering won't do on its own.

Dynamic glass also helps to control temperatures by allowing in more light during the cold months and less light during the hot ones. This cutting-edge technology is ideal for home upgrades and will help to preserve the condition of your home for years to come.

Windows can have a wonderful aesthetic appeal to the look of any room, but they can also do a lot to keep the rest of your home looking its best. If you're unsure what the best choices are to keep your home as protected from the elements as possible, contact a home window salesman to find out what your options are.