Crack On Your Car’s Window? Tips To Get The Glass Repaired So You Can Continue Driving

If you have a crack on one of your car's window, what you do depends on which window is cracked. For example, if could be your windshield, rear window, or one of your side windows. Below is more information about this so you can get the glass repaired and keep driving your car.

Window that Needs Repaired

If the crack is on the windshield, you need to have it repaired quickly. This is because a small crack will quickly become a much worse one as the crack will spread. Once it starts to spread it will eventually spread over the entire windshield. Once this happens, this not only obstructs your view but also affects the integrity of your car. For example, if you are in a roll over accident and have a cracked windshield, your roof would have a much higher chance of caving in causing greater injury or even death. This is because if a windshield is in good condition it helps prevent the roof from caving in.

If the crack is on the back window it is not as important, but you still need to get it repaired. The same goes for a side window.

Types of Glass Used

The type of glass used depends on the window that is being repaired. The glass used for the car windshield, for example, is known as laminated safety glass. This type of class has two layers of glass with a layer of vinyl sandwiched between them. Once the window is put together, the manufacturer heats and presses the glass to secure the two layers and vinyl together. They do this by putting the glass in a special over. This type of glass is used because if you are in an accident, the vinyl will prevent the glass from breaking into large shards but instead break into smaller pieces. The vinyl is also sticky which means many pieces of glass will stick to the vinyl instead of getting on your and inside your car.

For side windows and rear windows tempered glass is often used. This type of glass is not as secure as safety glass but is still durable. When a manufacturer makes tempered glass, the glass is first heated and then cooled down quickly. This allows the glass to shatter instead of breaking into large shards if the side or rear windows are hit.

Talk with an auto glass repair company and they can give you much more information about repairing the glass on your car.