How You Can Avoid an Auto Glass Crack

In terms of auto glass cracks, the best way to defeat them is to avoid them. Although windshield cracks are sometimes inevitable, there are far more instances when these cracks can be avoided. Learn how you can work to protect your auto glass against cracking. 

Maintain a Safe Driving Distance

Always maintain a safe driving distance when you travel behind another vehicle. Particularly when it comes to trucks, traveling too close is often a recipe for disaster. The problem is that if there is debris in the back of the truck, such as tiny rocks, it can slam into your auto glass. Combine the rough exterior of the rock along with your traveling speed and a crack is imminent. Stay a safe distance from trucks and if you can't, change lanes.

Monitor Weather Conditions

Be mindful of the weather conditions. Should there be a storm packed with high winds and hail in the forecast, avoid having to use your car. If anything, try to move your vehicle out of harm's way. For the most part, if this type of weather is in the forecast, you want to make sure you move your vehicle from under any trees or away from debris that can go airborne easily, as it's highly likely that they can slam into your car and chip or shatter the glass. 

Safeguard Against Temperature Changes

It's also important that you safeguard your auto glass against temperature changes. This step is important for both the winter and summer seasons. The main thing you want to do is to avoid shocking the glass. To go about this step, during the summer, avoid turning the air conditioning in your vehicle to the coldest setting right away, and during the winter avoid doing the same with the heat. The sudden change in temperature of the glass can shock it and cause it to crack. 

Stick with Reliable Repairs

If you notice a crack in your auto glass, it's not the time to research tutorials on the internet. Sure, there are plenty of options for DIY auto glass repair on the internet. However, the unfortunate reality is that these options either make matters worse, create a temporary benefit, or provide no benefit at all. It's much better to allow a mechanic or auto glass technician to perform your repairs if you want safe and lasting results. 

Take steps to avoid cracked auto glass. However, in the event of a crack, make sure you contact an auto glass technician as soon as possible so they can assess the damage and provide appropriate repairs.