You Smashed A Window To Rescue A Hot Pet – Now What?

Summer's rise in temperatures in many parts of the country can also raise the risk of pets inadvertently becoming trapped in a hot vehicle. You may be dismayed to witness a distressed pet in the front seat of a vehicle parked at the grocery store or shopping mall. In other cases, the trapped pet may be your own -- whether an excitedly jumping dog who steps on the door lock button before you can retrieve your keys or a cat who stows away unseen during your morning commute to work. Read More 

Vandalized Auto Glass: 4 Tips For Getting Through The First Couple Of Hours

The easiest way for a theft to gain access to a locked car is by smashing the window. When you go to your vehicle and see the damage, it can be very shocking and upsetting to see the shattered glass and broken windows. When damage like this has occurred, it's important to get auto glass replacement done as soon as possible. By using the following four tips, you can ensure that the replacement goes smoothly and everything is properly reported to both law enforcement and insurance companies. Read More 

3 Common Problems Of Old Wavy Glass Windows

If you are purchasing an older home with wavy glass windows, there are a few important things you'll need to know. Old windows have problems associated with the construction of the glass and framing. The glass started out as a huge bubble and was flattened and cut to size when cooled. Due to the construction, the glass is uneven and distorted, which makes it wavy. The waviness of the old glass is what gives old windows charm. Read More