Tips To Help You Keep Your Bathroom Shower And Tub Clean And Sparkly

If you allow soap scum, hard water, mold and mildew, and other residue to build up on your bathtub, shower walls, and glass shower enclosures, you will be left with a huge cleaning task when you eventually decide to restore their look and cleanliness. Hard water and soap scum build-up collected in layers can become thick and calcified, requiring more effort from you to clean than if you keep the surfaces free of build-up on a regular basis. Read More 

What Your Windows Need To Protect Your Home From The Elements

If you're in the process of choosing new windows, there's plenty to consider. The style, shape, and price of your windows are all important considerations. However, you should also make sure that the windows you choose are ideal for protecting your home from the elements. Doing so can protect your home in a variety of ways. Your paint, photos, and even upholstery will be less likely to experience sun damage, mold, and discoloration due to pollution in the outdoor air. Read More 

Tips For Adding Glass Racks To Your Work Vehicles

If you are a glass repair and installation contractor, you may find that transporting the large panes of glass to your work sites can be a fairly cumbersome and risky task as the glass can be easily broken. Installing glass racks on your company vehicles may help to address these challenges, and there are some simple tips to help guide you through making this upgrade to your vehicles. Consider The Strength Of The Glass Rack Read More 

Take Care Of That Windshield

Many people do not realize just how important a windshield really is. The windshield does a lot more than simply keep the bugs and the wind out of your face when you are driving. A windshield is one of the main structural supports to the roof. So, if you are in an accident and your windshield's strength has been compromised you could be injured much worse than if your windshield was in good shape. Read More 

4 Hacks to Keep Your Shower Sparkling Clean

Nobody wants to step into a dirty, dingy shower, yet most people dread actually taking the time out of their day to scrub their showers. The good news, however, is that there are a few shower-cleaning hacks that will save you time and help you keep your shower sparkling clean. Remove Mineral Build-Up on Shower Heads Have you noticed that your shower head's water pressure is lacking? It might not be a plumbing problem; instead, mineral build-up may be clogging your shower head nozzle. Read More